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K-6 Children's Program

During Sunday Morning Service

Children are a valuable part of our church family and we want them to grow in the knowledge the love of Jesus in their lives. We strive to create a fun and educational program for our them where they can enjoy friends, activities and learn how God is at work in their lives too.


Small Groups

Interacting with God's Word in Real Life

It is refreshing and life changing to meet together to discuss biblical truths, support each others'  life journeys and share God's involvement in our lives through prayer.  There may be laughter, treats and/or tears but always good fellowship and care.  Next session beginning October 2023. Contact the church for more details

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Men's Group

We have formed a group of men who together are on a journey to discover more of the masculine soul.  

We meet monthly in the lounge at the church facility at 7:30 PM once a monthly to watch a short video clip, work through some discussion questions, pray together and otherwise just hang out.

If your looking for a place just to be yourself and talk about issues men face, each day, you might want to consider joining us. We'd be happy to meet you.

Care and Counselling

Support and counselling is available for the congregation of Maple Creek Community Church through the Shalem Mental Health Network.  For more information about how to book please contact Mark Bronson

Maintain Your Personal Resilience This Season

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Training Resources

RightNow Media

The world's largest library of Bible study videos—available anytime, anywhere.

The Leadership of Maple Creek invests in the encouragement and education of the church family and friends through this online media access.

Go to: and explore! 

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